You've stumbled upon my Cool List. Basically, this what I found when I went to organize my bookmarks one day. Browse around. You never know what you might find!

"Love Is Like A Butterfly, It Goes Wherever It Pleases & Pleases Wherever It Goes"

Wild Bill's Page
Primoz's Page
The Great Big Sea Online Kitchen Party
About Canada - Canada Site
Saint Malachy's Memorial High School
The Mud Master
BrunNet - Cover Page
History Of Saint John
iVillage Horoscopes
The unOfficial Rankin Family Web Page
Jersey Web (Jersey, Channel Islands)
Quarterly Magazine SLOVENIJA
George Seto - Main Web Page
Everything Celtic On The Web (Scottish)
It Crawled From The South Pictures
CD Now
Columbia House Canada
Rudy Brueggemann Home Page
The Ernest Hemingway Resource Center
Ernest Hemingway: In The Shadow Of A Giant
Literary Works - Edgar Allan Poe
The Everly Brothers International Info Center
Welcome To The Bohemian Forest
The Official Loreena McKennitt Home Page
File Under R.E.M. - Kipp Teague's R.E.M. Page
King's Square Project
STM Friends