"I hope that, through my work as a photographer, I have been able to pass on my appreciation of the beauty and charm of little children. As adults we all need to stop occasionally and look at ourselves and our circumstances with an open mind and a sense of humour, and remember to appreciate the simple things in life, which are often the most important."

-Anne Geddes

I have compiled a total of 96 Anne Geddes photos here. They're not in any particular order, though I hope to have them catergorized soon. Take a look and enjoy. There isn't one picture here that shouldn't bring a smile to your face.


Man & A Baby

Two Sleeping Babies

Two Little Chipmunks


Two Sweet Babies

In The Tub


A Little Snail

Sleepy Bundle Of Joy

Baby In Hands

Bucket Babies


Baby In A Jar

Daisy Baby

Sunflower Babies

Little Mice

In The Sink

In A Red Hat


In A Seashell


Asleep On A Fiddle

Sleeping Babies

Two Santas

Three Bunnies


Baby In A Pink Bow

Four Guys

Looking Over A Shoulder

Basket Babies

In The Bathtub

Four Little Santas

Sleepy Bees

On A Bench

A Precious Pearl

In A Blue Hat

Three Babies In A Bowl


Cabbage Babies

Babies In A Can

In A Carriage Of Flowers

Cherry Baby

Baby Chick

More Chicks

A Little Chipmunk


Two Babies In An Egg


Bird In A Birdbath

Laughing Bunny

Windowbox Babies

Girl In A White Dress

Little Butterfly



Sleepy Ladybugs

Asleep In The Leaves

Lots Of Tulips

Bride & Groom

Sleepy Butterfly

Asleep On Top Of A Mushroom

Little Mushrooms

Orange & Yellow Flowers

Orchid Babies

Another Santa

In A Nutshell

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

Peas In A Pod

Rosey Baby

Pots & Babies

On A Pumpkin

A Purple Flower

More Purple Flowers

Little Red Robin

Santa & His Reindeer

Tough Guy



A Little Striped Caterpillar


Sweet Little Baby


Teacups & Saucers

A Little Teapot

Teddy Bears

Little Rose

Asleep On A Tower Of Towels

Two Yellow Tulips

Two Babies In A Bucket

In A Veil

In A White Basket

White Flower

Holding Flowers

Through The Window

Yellow Pot

Baby On Back